How To Talk To Chicks
by John

So, I'm telling a friend about my idea for a blog. He says, "ok smart guy, how do I talk to chicks? Where can I meet them?" My first response is, "slow down fella--we may have figured out what's been your biggest stumbling block. Take it easy and be cool."

"OK, I can be cool," he says. "But I work at a help desk and I'm into gaming. I don't even know where to meet a chick, much less what to say to one."

Admittedly, this will be a tough challenge, but anyone can apply a few tried and true steps and find that special girl for a night or for an extended period of time.


How to Succeed at Internet Dating
by John

OK, so here's the truth. Internet Dating WORKS. It's real and it gets you results. Take for example, just a few truisms:

  • The girls that are there are not only available, they are LOOKING
  • You have the opportunity to be present yourself in a manner you want to be seen. Feel like you've already blown it with the girls in your circle? Who cares! This is a fresh new start!
  • Think of all the money you've spent trying to convince a chick to like you--you can use a dating site to check out all the girls you want, often times for free. And if you decide to pay for a subscription, it's a fraction of the cost of a date. Instead of taking out one one girl, you literally can "take out" hundreds!

    "OK, John, you've convinced me that it is something that might work". NO, my friend--it WILL work...but you have to keep in mind what a chick wants and understand her game.


  • Confidence is Everything and Practice makes Perfect
    by John

    You'll hear say two things over and over and over. It's the first answer to the first question when you're talking about how to talk to girls. It's all about confidence. You can be the ugliest dude in the world and if you have confidence in yourself, you'll never be alone. Some of you reading this may think--"that's easy for you to say." But what makes ol' J unique is that no matter your station in life, I've been there. I've been a complete zero and a home run hitter and everything in between--and what was the difference? Confidence. How did I get from point a to b? Practice.

    First of all, I don't want to seem like Superman. It's very easy to be intimidated by women. That's an honest fact. But that intimidation is easy to spot and it is a turn off. If you do find a girl that likes a guy who has a low self-opinion, that's not the kind of girl you want to be dating. She'll abuse you and destroy what little confidence you already have in yourself. If you in a relationship now where she doesn't make you feel good, get out. Trust me--if anything, you want to turn that table, but that's a different story for a different posting.

    No matter where you are, be it at the pub or a club, a laundromat or a grocery store, the opportunity to meet women exists. Will you get a phone number from every woman you talk to? Nope, and don't expect it. But, don't let the fear of failure deter you from approaching women. You don't have to be a creep and if you're annoying her, you'll be the first to know. If you don't pick up on it, mall security will be the second. So stay aware of what's going on, ok?


    How to Deal With a Crush at Work in 4 Easy Steps
    by John

    An acquaintance recently told me that he was in love with a girl he had met at his job, but she didn't know and he didn't know how to tell her. My first thought was--easy on the sexual harassment dude. Nowadays, all it seems if you walk by her desk too much you can get nailed as being a stalker. But he said, no, they were actually friends and that he spent a lot of time talking to her.

    I told him, "well, at least we've identified your first mistake." If you have a crush on a girl you haven't tried to play the friend angle with, you just may have a shot.


    It's the shoes, stupid
    by John

    As young boys, mothers always preached the value of wearing clean underwear and clean socks. Was she really sparing herself the embarassment of you having day old skid marks in your shorts as you laid unconscious in ER? Not entirely, but it was her way of preparing you to grow up. As you hit your teens, it became about shaving, brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, and deodorant. Was she being completely honest about embarassing yourself at school or you embarassing her at the grocery store? As you went held long into adulthood, she preached the value of shoes. "Any young lady is going to be able to tell a lot about you just by looking at your shoes". Now, did dear ol' Mom mean that messy shoes meant a messy man...or a...shall we say...bigger lesson that Mom wanted to impart?


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